Nina Jerome



"Making art requires that I observe my surroundings thoroughly. It invites comparisons between solid and fluid, light and shadow, tangible and intangible. Painting allows me to organize these personal observations with marks and color and to express the way that I personally see space. I work in series of paintings that examine visual variations of one place, a continuum of fleeting moments in my experience. Thus the painting process marks time and conveys my personal path and direction through the land as I witness its changes.


I paint to capture moments when land and light interact, initially by painting underlying color on canvas and marking the surface with gestural strokes. Each mark directs the process, as I gradually align the work with the concept that prompted it. Painting is a thinking process in which I search for elements of light and structure that define a unique personality of place as I experience it. I walk and photograph daily, observing my surroundings and selecting places where I connect to elements in the space."