an extension of your design

    We probably don’t need to tell you the importance of art in a space. It can make a room feel larger or smaller, accentuate design elements or contrast them, and enhance, tone down or dramatically change the color palette.
    Art can be an extension layer of your design—an integral part of your vision and an essential ingredient in your aesthetic. It can also be an added service and commission for your design business. Towards that end, Moss Galleries offers a variety of services, from curation through installation, to help you create vibrant, sophisticated spaces. World-class spaces with nationally and internationally known artists, many of whom are Maine-based or Maine-inspired.


    How it works

    You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you’d like. You can come in and peruse our large inventory for site-specific artworks, preview digital renderings of pieces in your space or just trust us to bring you the best options. It’s up to you.


    Curating (very) collaboratively

    The typical hands-on process starts with a consultation at the gallery. You show us photos of your space, share your desired aesthetic and describe your project (e.g., how many pieces you need, what style, what scale). It’s a collaborative process considering appropriate tone, color, depth and scale—we listen carefully. We can browse our inventory of artworks together so we better understand the role art will play for you and your client. You can just choose the ones you’d like to try in the space. Or we can just share (via text or PDF) the pieces that align with your aesthetic and specific needs.


    Curating pieces well requires thoughtfulness, which is why this is our favorite part of the process. Each aesthetic and space is unique, and so are the artworks that fit them. You may want to warm up a cold color palette or cool down a warm one. You may be working within a minimalist aesthetic or a maximalist one. Whatever the case, establishing what you want from a piece is essential (and a rewarding journey).


    Site visits, transport and hanging

    If curating requires a site visit, we come to you. We travel to wherever you are, look at your space and curate after that. But whether you curate in the gallery or onsite, we manage transporting and hanging the artwork for you. We also outline the full process in our proposal, so you know exactly how things will go. And when a sale comes from our collaboration, we offer a direct-to-trade arrangement for your benefit.



    Why Moss Galleries

    Moss Galleries has 20 years of art advisory experience in the contemporary and established art markets. We’re also certified by the Appraisers Association of America. But that’s just part of the story.


    Large inventory of fine art

    Whether you need the perfect landscape over the mantle or 20 abstractions for a modern mid-century interior, you will have access to over 700 works of art. We have pieces from artists across the United States but specialize in our region’s finest artists—from traditional landscapes to contemporary figurative work to abstractions of all kinds. The sheer diversity of style, color, scale and price points in our inventory offers you a ton of flexibility.


    Any aesthetic

    Aesthetics dictates the art you hang. With our extensive experience, large inventory and intimate knowledge of that inventory, we can work within any aesthetic. So that you can fully realize your or your client’s unique vision. 



    Let's work together

    We can help you make art an integral part of your vision, an essential ingredient in your aesthetic and even an added service and commission for your design business. Let's work together! Give us a call to learn more about our services.