Artist behind Woodstock poster reprinting the famous design in Portland

Arnold Skolnick, who designed the iconic image of a catbird on a guitar, is working with printmaker David Wolfe on a limited-edition version.

Latest Exhibitions


"Maine Masters of Modernism" 

      Will Barnet, Abraham Bogdanove, Ted Davis, Lynne Drexler, David Driskell, John Helliker, Frances Hynes, Dahlov Ipcar, Henry Kallem, Herbert Kallem, Brigitte Keller, Rockwell Kent, John Marin, Michael Mulhern, Hans Moller, Robert Neuman, Stephen Pace, and Charles Woodbury

July 8th - August 20th

"The Ground Beneath You Holds You" 

Alice Jones

May 14th - June 26th

Breaking Wave, Prouts Neck_16x20.jpg

"Prout's Neck & Monhegan Island" 

Benjamin Lussier

May 14th - June 26th


"Returns to Maine"

Hunt Slonem

November 11 to February 6