Artist Statement 

"I was born mid-century on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces.  And my painting exists on a cusp between here and there, then and now, imagery and abstraction.


The work alludes to landscape and seascape, weather and atmosphere, transitions of dawn and dusk, the moon, planets and stars. Our human presence in all this is suggested in marks and hidden imagery often at the edges of the canvas.


The edges of the canvas are important and reveal the history of the painting, which is created over a span of time by additions, subtractions and layering of color, marks, images, and lines. 


And the work reveals itself slowly and differently over time. The multiple layers, and marks speak to the viewer; and listen to the viewer and encourage reverie and thought. 


One goal is to make my paintings beautiful and for them to bring peace, joy, harmony and pleasure to the homes where they are shown and to the people who see them each day.


Looking back over five decades of my painting life I see that I reinvent myself as an artist about every ten years.  I have explored place, events and time: scale, materials and imagery."