Morgan Cameron: Fur & Feathers

Installation Views
Fur & Feathers is an animal based show with a strong focus on Maine wildlife, from little puffins to a mighty moose! This show marks an exciting point in my artistic career, as this is my first exhibition in Maine and a sort of homecoming for me. Having spent 8 years living in different places around the country and showing in places like Denver CO, Redhook NY, and New Orleans over the years, it’s a good feeling to have a roots show in my home state where my family has finally settled back in. 
As with all my work, my ultimate goal is to portray a sense of life and movement within the creatures I paint and create a harmonious union between them and the environment around them. 
My hope is that this show expresses a fresh take on movement and animal focused artwork and reflects the natural world of Maine in a pleasing and poetic way to Maine locals.