Anne Ireland: New Works

Installation Views

Anne Ireland: New Works 

August 19th, 2022 through September 17th, 2022


Whatever I choose to paint, I want to capture my initial feeling of excitement, energy, and possibility. For me, the push and pull of the color relationships, warm and cool, dark and light, saturated or low key, is what creates the emotional response I work towards.


I am still deeply connected to my childhood concepts of mystery and beauty which allows intuitive choices when painting and often leads to surprising discoveries as I work toward the resolution of each piece. Using color that is unexpected creates an energy or friction that only adds to the painting’s interest.

People have told me that they would like to be inside my paintings, to “go there”. I love that. My landscapes may not be “realism” but they become real as experienced. We are all connected on this beautiful and struggling planet. My personal landscape is in each piece and I enjoy sharing it.