Louise Bourne: All This at Once

All this at Once 


"I am fascinated by how color shifts as it moves across a surface, how it accumulates to form  atmosphere and complexion, subject to the dazzling whims of natural light. It makes me itch to  respond in paint. I like the cluttered arena of a family table top, the way people and objects  blend into a setting, all held in the confluence of exterior light with interior space. My  paintings are time suspended, as they are structured upon changing complexities of color that  I observe in the painting process, rather than in one moment.  


Painting is a way to have my feet on the ground, while opening my senses to the stunning  glory in front of me, even while acknowledging the worldʼs chaos. And then, to respond; to  work, work more, to find a kind of order, a particular path, with the physical reality of oil,  pigment and surface. It's highly personal, and yet, I hope the final product awakens something  in someone else."


Louise Bourne 

December 10th, 2021