Morgan Cameron

Exhibitions Coordinator at Falmouth, Maine Gallery & Gallery Registrar

Morgan was born and raised in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, and though her husband and she have moved around from New Orleans to Virginia to New Jersey, and have come full circle, settling back in their home state of Maine. Morgan has really come to appreciate the unique beauty and essence that Maine lends to its artists and their works,  as she shares “The spirit of Maine often comes through in the artworks we represent here at Moss Galleries and there's a special feeling you get when you look at local art that you really don't see anywhere else and that makes the work here particularly meaningful and beautiful.” 


Morgan has been a professional working artist since 2012 and has been with Moss Galleries, part-time, since May 2019 when her husband and she moved back to Maine. Morgan shares that her time at Moss Galleries has been an “absolute delight, a wonderful learning experience, and a great way to get to know the local artists and immerse myself in the Maine art scene.”


Morgan is an animal lover through and through! She grew up having horses, dogs, and various farm animals, being from Maine she was constantly surrounded by the abundance of wildlife that resides here. Because of this, the main focus of her paintings is animals. Morgan paints a large variety of animals but specializes particularly in equines, foxes, birds, and pet portraits. Morgan expresses her goal with her work is, “To make the animals feel alive and give them a sense of movement through a unique painting style called disrupted-realism, which pairs abstraction with realism.” Morgan’s work is currently represented in multiple galleries, including Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado!



Art School at University of Maine at Orono & Lyme Academy College of Fine Art in Connecticut 



Singing lead vocals and playing mandolin around Maine with her husband and father in their band The Northern Grey, volunteering in both the creation/building process throughout the year and scare-acting during the season at large outdoor haunted attractions, dog training, and working with the animal shelter in various fashions. 


View Morgan's Personal Art Website Here