Artist Statement 

"I paint and draw what I see, especially vistas with skies and clouds, nighttime, and full moons reflecting on water. I like to paint how it is where I am, at that moment, from the same place over and over, because I get to know that place and the structure of the view. When I’m drawing or painting, I don’t think about what I’m doing - I just look and paint, awestruck at the beauty unfolding before me. Landscapes are different every day and every night; and when I’m painting, I’m capturing moments in time. Painting from observation requires efficiency of brushstrokes, with forms defined by shape and the path of the brush. Each brushstroke is important to the composition of the painting and the articulation of the motif. My paintings and drawings are intuitive responses to intensely observed events in nature: This is what I saw.


When I work in the studio, I go inward to find a path between representation and abstraction. My studio work is an expansion of the motif in which I explore my personal connection to these places, and discover sublime, moody and mysterious moments within the physical materiality of the paint or charcoal."