"What excites me about the practice of art is that it requires me to exist so deeply in the moment—to be so entangled in emotion and the physical process—so absolutely involved in creation that all else leaves my consciousness. For me, this is true freedom." 


Art is exploration and acceptance. It is about beginning somewhere and ending up somewhere else. It is traveling down a road and seeing where it leads. It is discovering something unexpected that changes everything. It is the unearthing of feelings and the sharing of personal stories. It is considering the options, making choices, and risking it all for something better. It is about being free; to fail and to succeed. It requires being bedfellows with imperfection…and accepting that you will be seen—for better or worse—exactly as you are in the moment.


My work encompasses three genres: Encaustic Landscapes, Oil and Encaustic Geometric paintings, and Photographic works with Encaustic and Oil overlays."