Annie Darling was born in Chicago, Illinois and studied fine art, industrial technology and graphic design at the University of Oregon and the University of Southern Maine where she graduated with a degree in communication arts.
After graduating from college, she pursued an eclectic career as a graphic/web/UX designer and fine artist, founding several creative companies and receiving international acclaim for her visual design work.
Influenced by a family of artists, Annie was inspired to create early in life. After painting for years in traditional mediums, Annie found and fell in love with the encaustic medium in 2008. Her ability to keep her work fresh and forward moving is a result of the diversity of the medium and her capacity to develop many of her own techniques and methods, many of which transcend traditional uses of the media. Her creativity and technical ability is evidenced in numerous bodies of work that exhibit her singular, distinctive style.
Annie currently resides in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.