Artist Statement

"I'm a contemporary realist oil painter. I paint mostly interiors, although I do paint landscapes, still lifes, figures, and other scenes. The underlying theme of the majority of my work is the tension between chaos and tranquility. Most paintings project feelings of calmness, peacefulness, and enlightenment which hopefully cause the viewer to pause, look, and focus on the art and serenity within the moments of everyday life. Often these quiet scenes have a segment of swirling reflection of the messy parts of life. I seek to reveal the message we ought to take time from our hectic pace to reflect and treasure life's simplicity, if only for a moment. I find the complexity and intricacy of life and relationships intriguing and try to capture those feelings in my paintings. Each series has its own particular focus. For example, the Bedroom Series, which I call “bedscapes”, explores allusions of provocation and expectation with particular focus on the tensions between power and authenticity which encompass being vulnerable. This series was born out of a succession of transformative life events. I discovered the path to healing was learning to be vulnerable. There are so many crosscurrents within each bedscape involving angst, hopes, passion, dreams, rawness, and relaxation which begin and end the day in this intimate and private environment. There is a range and depth of emotions contained within each perspective.


My paintings represent my own life circumstances and allow me a way to try to make sense of the underlying psychological murmurings. A previous collection, the Cereal Series, evoked a different set of feelings with a subtle innuendo playing out in each background pattern. This series captured the essence of family and fleeting morning moments, rendering a simple and quiet image belying lives that are never quite still. Throughout the series I used coffee cups, cereal bowls and assorted found materials as metaphors, reminding viewers of these smaller meaningful moments, which sometimes go unnoticed; of reflective mornings; and of course, fond childhood memories of your favorite cereal. My landscapes are vistas I'm attracted to for the calm and meditative features they impart on my senses while I leave the ever-churning chores of life in the distance.


As a New Englander and avid colorist, my color palette has developed and evolved from strong seasonal and coastal influences offering a distinctive blend of hues and range of moods. My perspective is achieved by physically viewing objects or my subjects as though I am looking down at a puzzle, and connecting the shapes, that don't appear to fit, but somehow work to complete a scene. I enjoy the use of both large and small canvases. My large canvas work allows me to be more physical and heighten the focus of objects and subjects within while my small canvas work allows for a more intimate, gem-like outcome. These influences and techniques combined with a lifelong passion result in my interpretation and expression of some of life's magnetic moments."