"In my artwork, I am primarily interested in capturing the essence of places as I perceive them rather than documenting a photo realistic scene. Mostly I am drawn to nature and particularly that of Maine where I live. My paintings are usually done plein air, which means that I generally prefer to paint on-site and from life, rather than use photographs as visual references. I find this method the most effective in that it allows me to fully immerse myself in the sensations of the moment. When painting outside, the biggest challenge for me as an artist is dealing with the potential for rapid change. Light, color, and subject are all in a state of flux. A cloud can move, changing the shadows and colors, or a dense fog may roll in, obscuring what had been my subject, but then creating new opportunities. Responding to these constant changes gives a sense of urgency and immediacy to the act of painting, which I find very energizing. I rarely go back into my paintings and rework them in the studio. I like to keep the images fresh, authentic and representative of how I experienced being in that place at that specific time. I emphasize elements that strike me: the movement of the water, the interplay of colors, or the thoughts and feelings that I have in response to a particular visual experience."