Lynn Sisler

Lynn Sisler received her MFA at Maine College of Art in 2021 and completed a BFA in painting with a minor in Art History from Northern Illinois University in 1991. Sisler received the prestigious Hildreth Family MFA Scholar Award, the Hale Residency at the Artist Association of Nantucket, and has shown work at the Zuckerman Museum. She is currently an adjunct professor at Springfield College and runs Menagerie Fine Art Studio, her online shop.
Working predominantly in painting, drawing, and ceramic sculptures, Lynn Sisler forages from her emotional, textural, and deeply personal interactions with the natural world. Sisler's studio practice and imagery create a dynamic, ethereal, and imagined ecology through multiple perspectives. Her use of chaotic painting language is rooted in creating an undefined space and explores how what is hidden and what is revealed tells the story. At times evoking childhood memory, these interpreted narratives feature animals, plants, and humans, often blended as
one entity in a magical, folkloric construct. Sisler's work strives to create thoughtful
consciousness about cycles, humans' relationship to the Earth, and the interconnectedness within all species.