Annie Darling
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Annie Darling was born in Chicago, Illinois and studied fine art and graphic design at the University of Oregon and the University of Southern Maine where she graduated with a degree in communication arts. Annie has enjoyed a distinguished career as an artist, art director, and designer, receiving international acclaim for her visual design work. She began working in the encaustic medium in 2010 and has since developed a distinctive style. Her paintings can be found in public venues and private collections world-wide.

Artist Statement:

What excites me about the practice of art is that it requires me to exist so deeply in the moment—to be so entangled in emotion and the physical process—so absolutely involved in creation that all else leaves my consciousness. For me, this is true freedom.

Art is exploration and acceptance.
It is about beginning somewhere and ending up somewhere else.
It is traveling down a road and seeing where it leads.
It is discovering something unexpected that changes everything.
It is the unearthing of feelings and the sharing of personal stories.
It is considering the options, making choices, and risking it all for
something better.
It is about being free; to fail and to succeed.
It requires being bedfellows with imperfection…and accepting
that you will be seen—for better or worse—exactly as you are
in the moment.