"Of Spirit & Light" in the PPH!

This past weekend, writer, Daniel Kany wrote about our current exhibit "Of Spirit and Light" in the Portland Press Herald. I know how much I appreciate and love the pieces in this show but it is always lovely to hear what a well known art critic thinks as well.

Here is an excerpt about what Mr. Kany had to say about Craig Becker's work...

"I think Becker’s work has gone well beyond his stated point of departure, which is so personal and compelling that it’s hard for viewers to move past it. So I am not going to share it here and I will even go further to suggest that when you go see “Of Spirit and Light” – and you really should – that you don’t read any of Becker’s statements until you have found your own mind about the work."

And Joyce Tenneson's....

"From a technical or aesthetic perspective, Tenneson’s prints are masterful. Florals comprise a huge subject throughout the history of art. No, indeed, you don’t need to see these in narrative or poetic (or even philosophical) terms to think of them as excellent photography. But you can, and I think it makes them better."

We are thrilled to have the work of Craig Becker and Joyce Tenneson at the gallery now through October 6th and we hope you will find the time to come and see these photographs that are so very compelling.

You can read the entire Daniel Kany piece on the Portland Press Herald website HERE.

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