The Art Party

Last Friday night I attended the The Art Party at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and I had a wonderful time. It was such a pleasure to catch up with friends both old and new while taking in some new art.

John Bisbee, a friend and an artist who I greatly admire, is currently on exhibit there and I really enjoyed seeing his new sculptures. You may remember that I co-hosted in an event in John Bisbee's studio last year entitled "Intersection: Art & Investment" that featured a lively talk from the artist as well as Leonard Bernstein of Bernstein Shur (see our blog post here).

I was blown away by the pieces in John's "American Steel" is simply fantastic. In the exhibit's accompanying essay Glenn Adamson states Bisbee created his sculptures “in a spirit of solidarity with workers of all kinds; each nail expresses the idea of things joined together. Yet the exhibition also has a critical edge. Bisbee uses poetic language, narrative imagery, and potent emblems to express his concern with our country’s direction.” John Bisbee himself is quoted as saying the exhibit is an "abstraction of who we are, right now". I highly recommend taking the time to see the exhibit at the CMCA. It there until October 14th and you can find more information and details on the CMCA website HERE.

I also really enjoyed the recent piece in the Portland Press Herald by writer, Bob Keyes. He gives great insight into John Bisbee and the pieces in the "American Steel" exhibit. I would definitely encourage you to check it out to gain even more perspective about the show. You can find it HERE.

I managed to snap a few photos from the Art Party in between enjoying the art and socializing and I am happy to share them with you here today. Enjoy!

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