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Earlier this month we gave you a brief overview of artist, Eva Goetz, Eva's work is currently on display at the gallery until November 22nd and you should really make the time to stop in to see "Animals With Teeth". We presented a few questions to Eva about her work and we are so happy to share her insight with you today.. Enjoy!

How important to this new body (animals and floating dots) was the repetition of pattern and color you created in making the from the 108 angels series?

I switched from painting angels to painting large 4'x4' foot political paintings. I felt that simply painting angels was not enough. Needed to have full range of expression so to speak. So using current events as my inspiration I would distill the essence of an event as it affected me onto canvas. I was spending large amounts of time researching the events I had chosen to paint about. Once I felt I had 'groked' the event I assembled the symbols onto canvas in a naive child like way. My hope was that friendly paintings might ease us into thoughtful discussions.

Holding the world became arduous. Animals with Teeth was born one day while taking a break from broadcasted suffering.

I found I was looking for joy and kindness as well as teeth!

Why do all these paintings have dots? Are they a symbol of something for you?

Repetition is important. We are biologically patterned and socially and culturally patterned as well. WE are fractals of what is best about humanity and what is worst. Also patterns allow something new to emerge. Isn't it amazing to think that everyone of us is made up of the same 'stuff' as well as everything else in our beautiful world. As the ancient earth based wisdoms teach, we all are one...

I know your healing work finds its way into your art…can you explain what role it takes in the paintings you’ve created. Why did you chose to do a series of animal paintings when you’ve worked for the last 6 years (correct me if I’m wrong) on the angel paintings?

Of course my art reflects my beliefs. As a hands on energy worker I am asked to expand my views daily. Tapping into folks systems is broadening. One has to learn how to 'get out of the way' so to speak and allow another system to find it's own equilibrium without imposing onto it. We find the blocks by accessing the systems higher intelligence and we reverently ask: "How can we help?" WE are comprised of many systems. The limbic system, The nervous system to mention a few. WE can recalibrate and re-pattern so to speak. Acupuncturists do this with their needles, energy workers do this with there hands.

Color is a vibration. Uplifting paintings, with underlying important themes might allow us to recalibrate as we slip into joy.

What future projects are on your mind for these paintings…I know you mentioned an interest in creating film based version of the animals…seeing the dots float away from the canvas toward the viewer. Can you explain the concept and what it would mean?

I would love to work with holography someday. Where images can coalesce in front of us. Dots resembling into form breaking apart and assembling differently into other forms...

Perhaps we would subconsciously remember that we are our surroundings as our surroundings are us. Perhaps we will remember the air and water equally apart of us and take an interest in not causing more harm to these beautiful elixirs (without them we would not exist) or our beautiful earth Mama and all her relations... We have much to do!

We are each a 'dot' in the solution. And like Horton from Dr. Seuss fame.. we must begin hearing and listing to the small 'Who's' around us.

Voices from the fish kingdom, the plant kingdom, the world of birds and trees.. and many of the unseen are patiently waiting for us to wake up and hear them!

Thank you so much to Eva Goetz for this in-depth glimpse into her work. We feel so fortunate to be able to share this with you. If you can't stop into the gallery, please visit our website HERE to view her work and call us with any questions.

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