Eva Goetz: Animals With and Without Teeth Opening 10/26

In just a couple of days we will be hosting the opening celebration of Eva Goetz's exhibit, "Animals With and Without Teeth" and we couldn't be more excited about it. We will be interviewing Eva for the blog later in the week but I did want to share some images of her work as well as a bit about her inspiration. Eva graciously sent us her artist statement which gives a great peek into the thought process behind her paintings. Enjoy!

One day, after two years of painting large politically themed paintings, I realized my heart had grown heavy. Burdened by the suffering in the world, my thought was that ‘friendly paintings’, painted in a naive narrative form, about cruel complicated issues, might ease the viewer in and allow their nervous systems to see through the shock, and then we could take stock so to speak. Then, perhaps we might realize the inhumane patterns that we expose each other to over and over again, not unlike a bad virus. and these paintings might magically change something within us.

But one day, after a particularly difficult painting was complete, I threw up my and hands and said to the ghosts around me:

“Saving the world is hard work, today I'm painting animals!”

The animals with teeth were born out of a ‘throwing-up-of-hands’ and grace.

Painting them brought me joy.

The barring of their teeth was important.

An act of power.

I was baring my teeth against injustice and celebrating joy at the same time.

These paintings led me back to my Tex-Mex folk art roots.

Born in Texas with Mexico next door, I was influenced by the land: the bright and dusty colors found both within the landscape and in the narrative folk paintings I so loved. Story telling, and pattern making, are central to Mexican folk art as water is to myth.

Spirituality threads everywhere in my world and is the cloth I am made of. I was raised Jewish and steeped in ritual. I understood from an early age objects as well as the land are infused with spirit.

’31 paintings in 31 days' was my new year resolution and my way of expressing to the universe I am serious! With this challenge I cemented my commitment to painting as a spiritual practice and creativity.

‘Sourced’ followed the daily January paintings.

Once again I utilized my Face Book Community, asking friends on FB,

“What animals or stories inspire you?” "What are your favorite endangered species?"

Folks enjoyed being engaged with my process. Partnering with the public, I put my own inspirations aside for the moment, and illustrated ideas floated my way. Very fun!

Dots are leading the image-making presently.

Dots are both energy and form. As circles, dots become windows into consciousness.

As points, dots can punctuate beginnings and endings.

Dots are complete.

We all begin and end somewhere.

In this moment the dots have arranged themselves as animals, as land, and trees and recently into Robots.

My great hope is that these paintings will delight and remind us we are all made of the same stuff, composites of punctuated points, you and I.

Perhaps what the world just might need is an infusion of joy. ....and teeth...

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