An Interview with Kristen Knupp of KPK Contemporary Art

Last month I was a co-host of an event called Intersection: Art & Investment alongside Kristen Knupp of KPK Contemporary Art. It was a lively and informative event held at the studio of John Bisbee. Guests were given the opportunity to view John's work and listen to him speak alongside Leaonard Nelso of Bernstein Shur. It was a great evening and one I was proud to be a part of.

My co-host Kristen Knupp and I have known each other for many years. Kristen has a BA in Art History and a Masters from Columbia University School of Architecture. She subsequently completed the two-year certificate in Art History at Christies Education in London. She founded KPK Contemporary Art in 2010 focusing on American contemporary art, and has participated in art fairs and organized exhibitions in New York, Rome, London and Geneva. She also is the co-founder of Artdecision.

Artdecision is an online magazine based in Geneva and is an in-depth, comprehensive and entertaining art information website for Switzerland and beyond. The website provides insights into the art market and collaborates closely with art institutions to inform the public about upcoming exhibitions, reviews, interviews and events. Artdecision was founded by Kristen Knupp and Irina Vernichenko who have over 25 years of combined experience in the art world.

I was able to ask Kristen a couple of questions about our event and her work recently and I am happy to share her answers with you here. Enjoy!

What was your experience working with John Bisbee and Elizabeth Moss?

Working with John and Liz on the Art & Investment event was fun, super smooth, and easy as we all had a common vision of what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. Liz is a consummate art professional who has seen and done basically everything possible in the art world so nothing phases her. She was really positive about the event and how it would all unfold. John was really flexible with what we wanted to do and has also hosted many events in his super creative studio space so he was ready to roll.

I’m going to write about John’s work and our event on my art blog which I am officially launching on October 18th with a launch party at the Societe de Lecture in Geneva, an 18th century limestone mansion in the middle of historic Geneva which housed an amazing collection of books from the 16th century and up. The librarian showed me a handwritten book from 1518 when I was there last time. We decided to have our event there since we are writers, even though we write on a computer and not on vellum these days.

You have an amazing website, Artdecision . Will you tell me a little about it?

My blog is called My art blog is about all things art - mostly based in Switzerland and Europe. We are launching a new service called Sketch Your Weekend which will give people ideas of what art-related things they can do in and around Geneva on the weekend. This is in English and is really needed because much of the information already available is in French.

Thanks so much to Kristen Knupp for co-hosting this event and for taking the time to fill us in on her work. You can visit Kristen's website here to learn more about her and her work and all things art! Check back to the blog soon to view some pictures I will be posting from our event.

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