Focus Artist of the Week: Alison Hill

This past week we have been sharing works on our social media sites of the very talented Alison Hill. Alison lives here in Maine on the beautiful Monhegan Island where in the summer she runs a studio gallery and in the off season she spends her time painting, traveling, doing portraits, and other art related endeavors.

Recently, Alison had something out of the ordinary happen when the just released movie "The Congressman" was filmed on Monhegan Island. Not only was the Island inhabited by Hollywood for a bit but Alison's paintings can be seen in the movie as well as Alison herself! We were lucky enough to get some interview questions answered about her experience with "The Congressman" as well as her art. Enjoy.....

What was it like having the film crews on Monhegan? Did you get to meet any of the stars?

It was really exciting having the stars and movie crew on the island. They were here for 3 weeks and I got to meet with them all. I actually had one actor, Marshal Bell, stay in my guest room. He was a lot of fun.

You must have been excited to have your paintings in the movie! Can you share how this came to be and where in the film we can spot your work?

Bob Mrazek, the writer/producer, is my summer neighbor on Monhegan, and he asked me if I’d be interested in doing this. He knew I did a lot of portraits and could work fast. Of course I said yes! My work can be spotted throughout the Monhegan scenes. There’s an artist in the movie and my paintings are his.

Did you let the producers keep your paintings or were they returned to you?

My paintings were on loan, so I still have them.

What inspires you the most with your work?

What inspires me most is light, beauty, and unusual and compelling subjects. If I get that feeling in my gut that I have to paint something, I know it’s good.

Do you have a personal favorite among your pieces?

I find my personal favorites are my figurative works, I still have some of my early pastels, and I will never sell them.

Thank you so much to Alison Hill for sharing her experience about the role she played in "The Congressman" as well as some insight into her artwork. You can find out more about Alison on our website HERE as well as view her pieces we have for sale at the gallery. Also, you can check out the trailer for "The Congressman" HERE. As always, please call, e-mail or stop in the gallery if you have any questions or to inquire about any of the available works.

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