A Peek Inside Our Art Annex

Have you ever wondered where our extensive collection of art goes when it is not on display in the gallery? There is not nearly enough space on the gallery walls for all of the amazing pieces of art we have so, while not on display, these works live in our art annex.

The art annex is a safe spot where we can house the artwork until it comes back into the gallery or is sold. Not many people have seen the space so today I thought it would be nice to offer a peek of the space that houses so many great works of art.

Our Art Annex (as Jabez rotates some art from the gallery to the annex!)....

As you can see, we have quite the impressive collection in our Annex. Coming soon, I will be scheduling times for clients and artists to come visit the annex to view the artwork we have stored there. Stay tuned or email me at emoss@maine.rr.com for more information.

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