What's on John Legend's Walls?

I am sure you have heard of the incredibly famous and talented singer, John Legend as well as his model wife Chrissy Teigen. They are in the pages of just about every magazine these days and recently there was a feature done of them in Architectural Digest where their gorgeous New York City home was on display.

Their home is incredibly gorgeous and stylish and decorated with an eye to every detail. I was thrilled to see gracing a wall in their living room a painting by our very own focus artist of the week, Lynne Drexler! It makes a bold statement on a wall of reclaimed wood...

It reminded me very much of a painting I just acquired of Drexler's from 1961 entitled "Fog in the Meadow"...

Please feel free to come by the gallery any time to view this beautiful piece of email me at emoss@maine.rr.com for more details. You can view the Architectural Digest article in full HERE.

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