Women Artists in the Gallery World

Recently the New York times published an article about the percentage of women represented in galleries. As a women gallery owner who actively seeks to represent women artists I found the article to be of great interest.

The article, pulling statistics from Maura Reilly’s 2015 study, “Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures and Fixes” states the vast gender imbalance in terms of museum exhibitions and permanent collections, prices, gallery representation and press coverage. In fact, last year, just seven percent of the artists on view in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection galleries were women.

The remedy for this imbalance for some has been a big jump in women only exhibits and shows. This has allowed for not only more equality in the what has been a male heavy world for so long but has also created great buying opportunities. Some curators and dealers are suggesting that under recognized women artists represent a buying opportunity because the pieces are often undervalued but, with the way the tides are turning, they won’t always be, making them a sound investment.

Since opening my doors in 2004 I have represented a majority of female artists. It isn’t something I purposely set out to do but it is something that has evolved based very much on my intuition, instinct and personal taste.

Some of my bigger successes have been with the late Lynne Mapp Drexler as well as contemporary artists Frances Hynes, Pheobe Portoeous, Deborah Randall, Alison Hill and Nina Jerome….all phenomenal artists who happen to be women. I agree with the article in that women artists have been historically somewhat overlooked and are now receiving their proper recognition. For the art collector this means it really is a great time to invest in the work of women artists. Not only because it is a sound investment but also because they have created some of the most remarkable pieces.

Please feel free to stop by the gallery and I would be happy to show you some of my favorite works. You can also find the New York times article in its’ entirety here...


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