Art Notes: Frances Hynes' "Summer Place"

The longer I look at Frances Hynes' Summer Place; to the Islands, the more depth, contrast and color I see.

At first, it looked like an airy tapestry--a pleasing weave of subtle colors, lightly drawn lines and shading, all floating in space. But as I sat staring at it, things began to emerge, one by one, then in groups. Then the whole thing emerged.

Taken individually, the parts seem to float over and around each other in space. But taken as a whole, they converge to create a piece that is very grounded, weighty and beautifully composed. When I look at it now, I'm amazed at its subtlety. There's a whole world in there.

For me, this piece is a lesson in how even the most delicate brushstrokes can converge to create concrete structure.

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