Brief: 9th International Encaustic Conference

Never a workshop participant or a joiner of groups, I attended my first artists’ conference this past June in Provincetown, Massachusetts—the 9th International Encaustic Conference, founded by Joanne Mattera.

Demonstrations, panel discussions and lectures filled the schedule for three exhausting days. The presenters were accomplished artists and teachers, and their presentations were professional and very informative.

The three days of total immersion in art was great, even if I missed the kickoff to the Maine gardening season. I was too engrossed to take pictures at the conference, but I did take some of zany and elegant Provincetown gardens, along with one schooner on the second floor of the Provincetown library.

One of my greatest delights at the conference was finally meeting Facebook friends and other artists in person. My only regret was not getting to all of the conference events, as many of them ran concurrently.

Annette Kearney


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