Artist Profile: Jabez Malmude

Jabez Malmude has a beautiful hand. But the delicacy of his drawings belies their carefully crafted structure. They’re velvet and gossamer within cubist planes.

“My art is about delicacy, intensity, restraint and, above all, structure,” he says of his work. “It recognizes that we exist as part of an enveloping structure, like the cosmic strings of material-energy imagined by string theory, or like the cumulated surfaces and forms built up from fractals.”

Malmude is at the beginning of his career. He graduated from the University of Southern Maine’s art program last year with a degree in Art and Entrepreneurial Studies, focusing on digital art, graphic design, new media, mixed media and drawing.

Yet he’s carving out a place for himself in the Maine arts scene. He works at a gallery and helps the well-established artist and restauranteur Jung Hur. In a juried art show for students in March 2014, he won best-in-show for one piece and received honorable mention for another.

“Most impressive is the interplay between Malmude’s mark-making and his sense of rhythm created by dividing his subjects into subtle cubist structures,” art critic Dan Kany writes of his work. “It first looks like the pencil flies in his fingers, but on closer examination you see Malmude’s drawings require intricate planning, patience and plenty of time.”

“I am inspired by the delicacy of Claude Debussy's music and by the expressionism of the Fauves,” Malmude says. “I love to see intensity and restraint in the forms of spirited animals, especially deer…For me, art often becomes line: lines of force and direction streaming to, from and beyond my subjects, giving force to movement and life.”

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