Portland Actress Julie Civiello (my niece!) Makin' It in Los Angelos- See her Kickstarter Projec


It's been a busy two months where I shot a promo with Kristen Bell for the CMT awards, helped a few friends with photo shoots, dined with two exciting high-level commercial directors, signed on to produce a feature with Olivia Wilde attached, and have befriended one of Wes Anderson's producers! Just today, I signed with a great agency, S5 Talent in Beverly Hills! And last week, I went onto WCSH for a wonderful TV interview while I was home in Portland, Maine. Currently, I'm producing, writing, and acting in an hilarious webseries called [86'd], a show that pokes fun at the restaurant industry. We've only 13 days left in our Kickstarter campaign and we need to reach our lean and earnest goal of $8,000. What I would love more than anything is for you to share this link http://kck.st/1k2KOdg on your social media, encouraging your friends and family to share it. The more people who see our cute video, the more inspiration and action there will be to donate. Even though I'm a hard worker and will tirelessly make sure we reach our goal, I cannot do it alone. I'd be so grateful for any and all help to bring more eyes to our Kickstarter page. Thank you from my huge heart!

xo Julie


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