Marguerite Lawler

Marguerite Lawler has exhibited pastel and watercolor paintings throughout New England and New York. She has taught at the post-undergraduate level for both Maine College of Art and the University of New England. Marguerite has been a faculty member in the Continuing Studies department at MECA for the past twenty-four years. She holds an MFA from the City University of New York and a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. In 2004 Marguerite was named Maine’s Teacher of the Year and recipient of the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program to Japan. She received the 2008 Maine Arts Educator Fellowship to study painting at the International School of Painting and Drawing in Umbria Italy. Marguerite was the recipient of the 2011 Stephen Pace House Artist residency through Maine College of Art.  

Artist Statement: "Painting on location is usually where I gather ideas and create oil sketches to pursue in my studio. I like to create new images from my studies that rely on visual memory or imagination. This year has been different. I have stayed inside. It has been too distracting and threatening to paint beyond my home.

Early on in the pandemic most of my time was spent in the cellar painting. I painted from photographs of past travels. The static quality of the photography made the organization of the painting process straightforward yet difficult. It is hard to see in a photograph. I had to envision the location beyond the photography and make up the visual narratives.

This year has been both suffocating and liberating for me as an artist. Sometimes I feel submerged underwater, running but not getting anywhere. Other times I feel free of any expectations and care."


1988  MFA Painting, City University of New York, Bronx, New York

1979 BFA Illustration, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island


Honors / Award:

2016 Maine Arts Commission Artist Project Grant
2011 Maine College of Art, Stephen Pace House Artist Residency
2008 Maine Arts Teacher Fellowship to International School of Painting and Drawing, Umbria, Italy
2004 Maine Teacher of the Year
2004 Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher to Japan Program