Lesia Sochor


Sewing proved the catalyst for this group of garment paintings. My mother sewed beautiful clothing for my sister and myself. I remember the laying and pinning and cutting of the fabric with the instructional multi – lingual pattern paper on top. I was fascinated with the process and how a flat piece of fabric became a lovely garment, which I then wore with pride and passed on to others. At an early age I was aware how fashion crossed all cultural borders and the power and significance a garment made.


This series of 'Bodice' paintings reflects the patience, craftsmanship, and quality of thoughtful sewing, of a time when wearing something handmade was the norm.


The translucent images of dress bodices are painted in thin layers of oils on paper sewing patterns, allowing the text printed on the patterns to remain visible. There is close attention to detail, revealing the beauty of hand-tailored clothing.  


The paintings however, are not just fashion statements. Personal and political content are both revealed through this imagery, which also comments on cheap, fast fashion, reduction in care and detail,  society's obsession with style and trend, and the enormity of today's garment industry.  

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