Charlie Bluett

Charlie Bluett's first publicly hung work was selected and hung in the Royal  Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London. This was followed by three highly successful solo exhibitions at Blains, The Bloxham Gallery & The Smith Street Gallery, attracting  private collectors worldwide.  


As reflected  in his latest paintings, his output has been driven by his overriding passion for the enhancement of the process, and the flow and ebb of life, and the light and color of the everyday. 


He started painting in earnest in the early 90's fascinated by the processes he uncovered as his work unravelled against the backdrop of his own private life and experiences. Until recently his works have been mostly a private journey.    

He has now been encouraged by those who have followed his art work for 25 years to start to step into the limelight and represent & release this creative outpouring to a wider audience.  


He has always been entranced with the personal process that he undertakes when creating his pieces. He is continually pushing the elements of his process.  This search for surfaces, color and form, reflect the time and experiences which came to pass as he did so and mirror in his creative output as a result of this keen and single minded focus toward his art.


His works contain elements  that pay homage to the techniques and the deft touches of the Old Masters, blended with abstract expressionism and the colorfield painting of the contemporary names of our time.


His contemporary abstract colorfield paintings focus on the natural scenes & objects we are exposed to within the Earths  vast and varied outdoor environments. Contours, tones, colors & natures balance feature heavily in his paintings, and capture the very essence of the natural world around us and the elements that combine to create it.

The changing surfaces, vibrant and ethereal color use, and the consistent subtle movement of form and mind within the works, is considered and yet fluid, challenging and yet totally at peace within itself.  

Bluett's pieces convey and allow the viewer to share in this highly personal journey 


He currently works from his studio in Vermont, part of the beautiful & inspirational North East Kingdom of the USA.  


Born -1965  England.  Lives Vermont USA ​

Education - Eton College - England - Art & History of Art 


Exhibits & Representation


1996 - IAS Gallery Blains - Solo Exhibition -London England 

           - Royal Academy of Arts  Summer Exhibition - London  England  

           - Canons - Mixed Exhibition -London England  

1997 - Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition - London England

            - Young Masters - Wills Art -London England

1998 - Contemporary Young Masters Exhibition - Wills Art - London England

2002 - A Love of Color - Solo Exhibition - Bloxham Gallery - London England

            - 30 x 30 - Vertigo Gallery - Mixed Exhibition - London England

2004  - The Seventh Sense - Solo Exhibition - Bloxham Galleries - London England

2011 - True Colors - Solo Exhibition -Troy Fine Art - CT USA

2016 - The Myth of Daedalus and Icarus - NYX Gallery - Boston USA

              -  Mixed works- Liquid Art House - 100 Arlington Street - Boston USA 

              -  Mixed Works -West Branch Gallery - Stowe Vermont USA    

              -  Mixed Works - W Hotel - Boston- MA  USA

              - The Design Center -Webster & Company- Boston- MA USA

              -  Artstyle - Wellesley - MA USA

 2017-  Burlington City Arts - Mixed Works -UVMCC- Burlington -VT USA 

              -  BCA - Burlington Airport- Public Installation

              -  Maine Art Inc - Mixed Works

              -  Liquid Art House- 100 Arlington Street - Boston USA

              - ArtStyle- Wellesley - MA USA

              - West Branch Gallery- MIxed Works- Stowe VT USA

              - Boston Art Inc- Mixed Works- Boston MA

              - Kennebunkport- KBP Art Festival- Kennebunkport. ME

              - Art + Soul - Burlington- VT

              - Lynne Scalo Design- Greenwich- CT

              - Elizabeth Moss Gallery- Falmouth- ME

              - The Hoboken House Tour - Hoboken- NJ

              - Of Land & Vermont - Burlington City Arts- Burlington -VT

 2018- Maine Art - 20918 Choice Awards- Kennebunkport ME

              -  Thomas Deans Fine Art - Atlanta GA

              - The Shain Gallery - Charlotte NC

              - Libby Silvia Artstyle- Wellesley MA

              - The WestBranch Gallery - Stowe VT

              - The Coco Gallery - NYC NY

              - Elizabeth Moss Gallery - Falmouth ME

              - Powers Gallery - Acton MA

              - Lynne Scalo Design- Greenwich CT   

Elizabeth Moss Galleries 

251 US- 1 Falmouth, ME 04105

(207) 781-2620

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