Eva Goetz: Animals With and Without Teeth

Artist Statement



Earth and Isis, the goddess of death and rebirth, are calling us to wake up.  


For the past few years I have made and painted over 600 small wooden angels. I thought my foray into angel-themed work was complete. However, the angels had other ideas for me. They asked me to consider current situations and events playing out on the world stage: the kidnapping of a whole school of girls by Boko Haram, evil reared its head in the form of ISIL, and Gaza and Israel throwing weapons as stones at each other. And in our own country turning away children who had traveled miles escaping things many of us can only imagine.  


Meanwhile, our congress and senate sit as stalemated adversaries, their eyes fixed on wealth and power accumulated and gained through their inaction. We strip the earth of resources, continuing our investment in fossil fuels and choose to ignore our scientists and medicine people blanketed warnings of the grave consequences our present consumption and practices will have on all sentient life forms with who we share this planet. Even naysayers cannot refute new studies showing how our oceans are no longer mitigating the increasing co2 levels.  Our practices must change. Our actions no longer serve us.  


My own heart, torn and pulled apart by so much un-understood harm, led me to the question: Where does the heart of the world live? I had to find the heart of the world. Who was keeping this metaphorical heart alive? The angels guided me to beings who are working inter-dimensionally and solely in service of the ‘earth-heart’.  These beings live in certain un-named places.  Anyone can access these mystic beings and the information they carry. Meditation and prayer are the doorways. Einstein knew problems are not solved within the same system or framework they were created. 


My belief is there are elevated beings working with us.  They are here to inspire and point the way.  We are their hands and voices.  They need us as we need them. It is the path of heart that will lead to resource that lives within us all.  As we find our hearts and reach beyond what we know, and into the future of what can be, putting aside reactivity and celebrating difference, the world will reflect back to us the best of who we are.